Thorpe and District Summer Darts League

                     Finals Night Saturday 26th September 2009                        

Al Trophies were from Chris at Colchester Trophies, Unit 4, 277 London Road, Stanway, Colchester, Essex

This was the first time we held Finals night on a Saturday Night. 11 teams turned up these included: Wick Lodge, Blacksmiths Arms, Young Ones, Outlaws, Smugglers, Royal Fusiliers, Red Lion, Pirates, Bathhouse B, Non-Starters, Thorpe Social A. This totaled to 80 people. Thank you all for turning up and making Finals Night a great success and for your continued support through the season. We would like to Thank The Thorpe Social Club for their support over the Season. Every one who was there had a really good night. Graham Cole came and did the Scoring as the matches were being played, he had made up some Themed music for the finalists as they were introduced to play their game. We also had a camera set up so we could watch the matches and scores on the television at the back of the hall. Sheila Busby done the honour of presenting the trophies.

All Finals were Played apart from the Men's Doubles which couldn't be played due to unforseen circumstances to one of the pairings.

The Finals and Results were :                                                                                                                            Mixed Triples                -  Which was won by Alan,Sarah Currivan and Reece Hutchinson (Young Ones)                                              Runners ups John Price, Kelly Smith, Becky Clark Outlaws                                       Mixed Doubles              -  Which was won by Sarah Currivan and Reece Hutchinson  (Young Ones)                                             Runners ups were Kelly Smith, John Price (Outlaws)                                   Landlords/ladies          -  Which was won by Paul Harbin (Wick Lodge)                                                                                              Runner up Was Shelly Neary (Thorpe Social)                                                                     Ladies Doubles             -  Which was won by Shelly Neary Jules Clover (Thorpe Social A)                                                                                   Runner ups were Sheila Busby Alison Ransom (Blacksmiths Arms)                                    Scratch Pairs                -  Which was won by Andrew Currivan (young ones) Scott Ridley (Red Lion)                                           Runner ups were Dave Holland (Smugglers) Ben Austin (Young Ones)                             Captain & Secretaries  -  Which was won by Bill Root Brian Burrett (Bathhouse B)                                                                               Runner ups were Dave Howes Peter Baldwin (Wick Lodge)                                               Thorpe Challenge Cup  -  Which was won by Outlaws                                                                                                                       Runner  ups were  Smugglers                                                                                  Ladies Singles              -  Which was won by Kelly Smith (Outaws)                                                                                                       Runner up was Becky Clark (Outlaws)                                                                            Men's Singles             -    Which was won by Andy Bacon (Blacksmiths Arms)                                                                                                Runner up was Peter Baldwin (Wick Lodge)

                                                  Well Done to all the Winners and runner ups.

                                  There are more  photo's  on photo Gallery and more to come later.