Thorpe and District Summer Darts League

                                                   A Division Winners                                    


              Winners                                       Bathhouse C                    193
           Runners Ups                                      Bathhouse B              174
         Wooden Spoon                                    Royal Fusiliers               41


                                                  B Division Winners                                     


             Winners                                           Silver Arrows            204  
          Runners Ups                             Frinton Memorail Club            179
        Wooden Spoon                              The Ship Gt Clacton             66


                                         Highest Start A Division Male                             


                                    Del Ward Wikinson, Ken Hilton, John Freeman, MickyNorfolk,                                                                       Andrew Currivan, Pete Smith Jnr,Peter Tappenden.  

                                                                                All had 160 starts


                                 Highest Start A and B Division Female                      


                Sheila Busby            Blacksmith Arms        A Division         156
                Pam Playle               F.C.A                           B Division          160


                                       Highest Start B Division Male                               

                                                   Matt Stewart, Scott Farraway, Brian Wilder Spin Webb.

                                                                            All Had 160's Start's                                               

                             Highest Finish A Division Male and Female                   


                   Shane Lord                  Maybush                  144
                   Rosie Baldwin             Bathhouse B       120


                             Highest Finish B Division Male and Female                   


                   Colin Cooper             Thorpe Social  A      157
                   Shelly Neary             Thorpe Social  A      112


                                 Most Tons A Division Male and Female                      


                   Andrew Currivan       Bathhouse C                    99   
                   Sheila Busby              Blacksmiths Arms       38


                                Most Tons B Division Male And Female                       


                   Matt Stewart             Silver Arrows       70
                   Shelly Neary             Thorpe Social A       10


                                  Team Most Ton's A and B Division                             


                  Bathhouse B              A Divison                 368
                  Silver Arrows            B Divison          274


                           180's A And B Division Male  And Female                       

A Division -  Steve Barker, Ken Hilton, John Atkins, Robert Emery, Andrew & Alan Currivan, John Freeman,        Andy Bacon, Troy Doherty, Mark Austin, Pete Smith Jnr, Simon King, Bill Root, Kevin Brown, Jason Fuller,       George Lord, Damien Smith, Pete Baldwin, Kevin Hicks, Chris Lynch, John Huddlestone, Eric Knowles,          Stewart Kerridge, &  Paul Harbin.

Ladies -  Jodie Wells & Joan Barnes

B Division -   Pete Britton, Matt Stewart, Dave Feasey, Mick Fenner, Scott farraway, Matin Nash, Mal Norton, Paul Harpson, Del Smith, Eric Dewey, Grahm Probert, Pete Fisher, Dave Pritchard,

                                                                       Most 180's overall

                                                   A Division Ben Austin        B Division Tom Keily


                            Most Wins A Division Male And Female                          

                    Ben Austin            Bathhouse C           18
                    Rosie Baldwin      Bathhouse B       8

                            Most Wins B Division Male And Female                          


                   Matt Stewart        Silver Arrows       17     
                   Shelly Neary        Emily Bowen - Davies       Linda Dermirkol        6    


                             Most Sporting Team A And B Division                            

                        A Division -  Smugglers                   B Division - Thorpe Social A & The Geisha Hotel

                         Winners  Of the Finals Held on Finals Night                      

             Mixed Triples                -  Andy Bacon, Sheila Busby, & Del Ward Wilkinson  -   Blacksmiths Arms    

             Landlords/Ladies Cup  -  Paul Harbin                                                               -   Wick Lodge

             Mixed Doubles              -  Tom Keily & Chris Debney                                        -   Frinton Memorial

             Men's Double's             -  Andy Bacon & Del Ward Wilkinson                          -    Blacksmiths Arms

             Ladies Doubles             -  Rosie Baldwin & Denise Moore                                -    Bathhouse B

             Thorpe Challenge Cup  -  Silver Arrows

             Captain & Secretaries  -  Andrew Currivan & Ben Austin                                -    Bathhouse C

             Ladies Singles              -  Sheila Busby                                                             -    Blacksmiths Arms

             Men's Singles               -  Eddie Keary                                                               -    Bathhouse